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Deep Visual Reasoning

Our award-winning computer vision AI empowers machines to finally understand and explain what they are seeing.

  • Go beyond simple object detection & image recognition

  • Gain actionable insights into events, activities, & occurrences

  • Adaptable to overcome challenges in new & complicated domains to reason over any type of event

Below are examples of where we are bringing transformative change:


Applications and Impact

Transformative solutions and tools that empower businesses and developers to tackle some of the most critical challenges of our time.

Social network concept
Car Sound System
Security Camera
Moving People

Easy Deployment & Integration

Fullstack service: Data gathering, training and deployment

  • Plug and play capability

  • Deploy on real-time feeds 

  • Deploy on video archives

  • Agnostic to visual or spatial input

  • Easily customised for your needs

Image by John Schnobrich
Image by Zany Jadraque
In the Woods

In a league of our own

Modern Digital Watch
Image by Bernard Hermant
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